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During this auspicious occasion mitra seo can review Margahayuland, it indicates were talking about business world or anything having to carry out when using the property world. instead after we talk relating to the world property, then we won’t be separated coming from the developers talk about this one. Margahayuland could be a company property that started its business within the whole field of construction services and general trading since 1971. And since 1979 Margahayuland is committed to firmly specialize in residential development.

Till the tip of since 2007 developers that are already well known started to firmly develop high-rise buildings for residential, hotel and apartemen. And this point, with expertise within the whole real estate business for 42 makes Margahayuland additional firmly in managing sizeable comes he was engaged on this time.

Margahayuland is nowadays engaged on a few pretty big comes. One on your major projects nowadays managed from the current Margahayuland Kencana Residence is located at jalan Iskandar Muda Jakarta South. With a comparatively complete facilities inclusive of 24 hour security, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts and childrens playground, creating Kencana Residence will be the good method to keep and sensible specifically for your own personal family.

Margahayuland has got a eye-sight to turn into a leading national property company and trusted that focus on profitable business development through concept, style, innovative technology with emphasis on value-added and satisfaction for our stakeholders. With a powerful commitment in the eye-sight on your company, Margahayuland Group now increasingly recognized in Indonesia. And this is now one key issue that helps deliver Margahayuland group till it reaches the varied achievements which may have been obtained to date.

Here would be the varied awards which may have been accomplished Margahayuland Group :

Simple housing development achievement on your first state ( state savings bank ).

European gold star for quality ( ciemip, Spain )

The gold cup for leading enterprises, ( ciemip, Spain )

Exemplary housing development company in bandung ( PT Papan Sejahtera )

Simple healthy house construction pioneer ( Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure RI )

Simple karyamadya housing development ( Ministry of Settlement and Regional Infrastructure RI )

Expertise that is gained throughout the era of 42 years of wrestling within the whole property business since it first stood up now, very little additional is forging margahayuland group for our adults in the face area of competition in indonesia. The most issue that makes this company is able to firmly survive and all the more advanced is the shows the top quality work that ultimately manufacture a quality product. Corresponding eye-sight on your company as i actually have mentioned on high of, Margahayuland perpetually place added price and satisfaction for decision call. Instead it was eventually armed with a protracted expertise that for 42 years was too, Margahayuland Group has now to be a national property company is additional solid and skilled with their field.

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